Monday, February 25, 2008

where are my posts?

I swear that I've been blogging. It's just that I've been doing it inside of my head while lying in bed at night instead of writing it down here. Sorry. It's easy to post when the weather is bad but when it's nice, well, that's another story. I'm sure that once spring comes to Kansas we'll never hear from Rechelle again.

We went to the pool yesterday. It's outdoors but it's heated from October to March so it's wonderful except for on windy days. Well, before church yesterday Giselle decided that it'd be a good day to go since it was going to be in the upper 70's (our thermometer showed 100 in the sun). After church she called everyone she knows trying to get them to join us at the pool; everyone was busy or not at home. I had to get rid of a month's worth of hair on my legs and we got to the pool around 2 pm. The pool was a blast! At first Paul said that he wouldn't be doing any jumping yet but by 3:30 he and Giselle were doing cannonballs off of the side (Paul does his with a floaty on). It was cold when you first get out of the water but as soon as we dried off it was wonderful. Giselle is already psyched to go all the time this summer. Actually we were planning to go ALL the time last summer but it rained for the entire month of April, May and June and then it was colder than usual in July. Let's hope that this summer is warmer than last year! I could go for the rain again but I need my summers to be in the 90's and 100's NOT 70's and 80's.
I'd love to stay and chat but Giselle broke the strap on one of her ballet slippers and I need to fix it before her lesson today.
Thomas (and Bobby?) are coming over for dinner tonight - tamales from Tamaleo. If you live in the Austin area you HAVE to get some of their tamales soon. Either drive to Cedar Creek (it's near Bastrop) or pick them up at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market on Saturdays. The kids and I eat the black bean, the pork have a spicy green sauce and the chicken is in a mole sauce. After Thanksgiving they made some turkey ones in the green sauce. We'll be eating ours tonight with Daisy sour cream (full fat only) and Goya salsa verde. Joe'll have his chicken breasts with Pace green sauce. Hmmm, what to have for veggies? We ate all of the broccoli, spinach and snow peas last night for dinner. Maybe I'll get inspired at the grocery store.
See ya!

Oh yea!!!! Spell check is working again!!!!!!

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