Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I don't like late winter

Sorry to whine about something this minor but it bugs me.
See, after Feb 15 it pretty much starts to be spring here. We'll get days in the 70's and 80's, lots of sunshine, lows in the 50's. But every few days we'll get a day that's only in the 60's and we'll have lows in the 30's. Like last night, the low was 31 degrees. Two days ago it was 100 degrees in the afternoon sun on our back porch and now 48 hours later it's 31 degrees. That's just not right! And it will be like this until March 15 when it stops dropping down into the 30's for good until late fall comes along in December. Every year this happens and every year I complain. I always feel the urge to take down the green house/hot house right after Valentine's Day but I KNOW that we'll have at least 8 nights where it'll drop to freezing before the middle of March. And you know what? The last one of those freezing nights will be about March 12, like clockwork. See, I used to have peach trees in the back yard and about every other year they would be in full bloom just in time for that last frost to hit in mid March. And these trees weren't planted in the front where they would warm up quickly. No, they were planted in the valley in the back yard where the cold would settle in and not warm up until after 10 am. So every other year I would have NO peaches because all the blossoms would get frozen and killed - no flower means no fruit. So, even though we have days that are so hot that the plants in the hot house are in a sauna, I can't take it down because 2 nights later they would be nipped or killed by the frost. Oh well.

In those years that I did have peaches I loved to stand out there watching them grow while singing a wonderful song by a band from Seattle called The Presidents Of The United States Of America. It's called "Peaches" and you can listen to it right here about 1:45 into the song it gets to my favorite part "Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free."

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I seem to remember seeing these guys in concert with our friend Duane, once upon a time.

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Jamie said...

Well said. I wish summer would just get here already and not tease us with 92 degree weather one day and 40 degree weather the next!