Friday, March 23, 2007

Korv Stroganoff

So, this is that super curly pasta that I wrote about impulse buying earlier in the month. It's called Armoniche and it comes from Italy so it's not enriched or anything. See, in Europe they expect you to get your nutrition from eating a wide variety of real foods so they don't enrich all of their food products with added vitamins and minerals. Actually, they do enrich some things but not to the degree that they do here in the States.

Here is a close-up of the uncooked pasta. The machine that makes this must look so cool! Now that would be a fun field trip - visit a pasta factory!

Here is the pasta cooked, I only used half of the bag. It didn't seem to grow that much from cooking, at least not as much as I expected it to.

Two Applegate Farms Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs fried, sliced and fried some more.

This is the sauce for this meal, the Findus Korv Stroganoff mix from Sweden. Fortunately Swedish is a Germanic language so I could kind of understand the instructions on the back of the package. Not that I can read German either but English is also a Germanic language so many words are very similar when seen written down. Marie had translated the instructions for me the week before but I had forgotten most of what she said. Heat together water, milk and packet of dry mix and simmer for a few minutes. Add in the hot dogs (in Sweden they use some kind of sausage that's just like a spicy hot dog which is what the Applegate Farms dogs taste like) and then pour over the pasta. Mix and here you have it:

Korv Stroganoff

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Garden Gnome said...

Very interesting looking noodles! I will have to look for them. I have some pastas from Italy but have seen those yet.