Thursday, March 08, 2007

Intentions vs Reality

My shopping list that I made on Monday morning:

Diapers - Huggies size 6
Water - Ozarka in the 700 ml sports top bottle
Cheese - frying cheese
Yogurt - Stonyfield Farm 12 pack
Almonds - Emerald Smoked
Cashews - Planters Fancy

Baby Carrots - organic
Bananas - organic
Avocados - Haas medium only if on sale
Rolls - Orowheat Oat Nut
Miracle Whip - small size
Clif Bars - mixed flavors
Egg Noodles - Hodgson Mill whole wheat
Raisin Bran - Hill Country Fair brand
Honey Toasted O's - Central Market organic
Granola - Cascadian Farms Oats & Honey
Nuts for Joe - if Sam's didn't have them
Mixed Veggies - Central Market organic peas/carrots/corn/green beans
Waffles - Central Market organic whole wheat with flax seed
Frozen Ravioli - Hill Country Fair w/ portebella & cheese
Diet Coke w/ Splenda - 12 pack
Yogurt - Stonyfield Farms 32 oz vanilla
Orange Juice - HEB lots a pulp
Palmolive - Ylang Ylang scent
Oxy Clean
Tide w/ Bleach - powder
Pencil Erasers

and this is what I actually bought when we went shopping on Wednesday morning (things that I bought that weren't on my list are in BOLD):

Sam's: diapers, yogurt, water, cashews and TURBO TAX 2006 FOR HOME AND BUSINESS

HEB: HEB oxy powder, tide, palmolive, shout, HILL COUNTRY FAIR DROP-IN BLEACH TABS TOILET BOWL CLEANER, 2 boxes raisin bran, diet coke, 2 boxes O's, granola, orange juice (had to get home style cause they were out of super pulpy), almonds, 2 BAGS CONFETTI FOR OUR CASCARONES, 2 BAGS MALTED MILK EGGS (FOR EASTER), erasers, YELLOW PEEPS (FOR EASTER), 2 BAGS SPECKLED JELLY EGGS (FOR EASTER), 2 BAGS SPICED JELLY EGGS (FOR EASTER), HIDING EGGS (FOR EASTER), CENTRAL MARKET SUPER COOL CURLY PASTA, 2 bags mixed veggies, ORGANIC GREEN ONIONS, miracle whip, egg noodles, 2 bags ravioli, waffles, 6 clif bars, CENTRAL MARKET ORGANIC STRAWBERRY PRESERVES, rolls (had to get whole wheat since they are still out of the oat nut), baby carrots, 4.41 lbs bananas.

Giselle said that she was tired of the frying cheese so we didn't get that and Sam's doesn't carry the smoked almonds that Joe likes. We needed the Turbo Tax and it was cheaper than online.
The avocados weren't on sale (they were .78 each) and HEB is no longer carrying ANY Stonyfield Farm yogurts, only Horizon and I curently refuse to buy anything Horizon. I 'needed' the easter candy for easter baskets. Giselle insisted that we needed more confetti (we actually still had 2 bags left from last year). I thought that we needed the toilet bowl cleaner but the old tabs are still not dissolved all the way. The pasta looked too cool to pass up, when I make it I'll be sure to take before and after pictures. I'm almost out of green onions in my potted plants - Paul went on a trimming spree - so I needed to replant for the spring. The kids like the preserves on their waffles so I figured that I'd get some for when we finish our open jar of bilberry preserves.
I personally think that I stayed pretty close to the list!

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