Sunday, March 02, 2008

This weekend

The Farmer's Market was great! Finca Pura Vida had milk for us! After we came home we rode bikes and played with the stomp rockets in the court and then we grilled shrimp and pork shoulder steak at home for dinner. Joe was at a friend's birthday party at a bowling alley so Thomas joined us for dinner.
We started watching The Electric Company on DVDs after dinner and the kids are HOOKED! As a kid I never watched Sesame Street but we watched The Electric Company every week in school. I loved that show and if you did too and you have kids then you need to go to Amazon and get yourself the Best of The Electric Company DVDs. There are two volumes and each are 4 DVDs - over 10.5 hours in each set. You know what, even if you don't have kids of the 'appropriate age' get it for yourself for the memories.
This evening Paul said to me "Momma, was today a long day?" and I said to him "Well Paul, let's think about all we did today."
We got up
ate breakfast
got dressed for church
watched more Electric Company
went to Sunday School
played on the playground
watched more Electric Company
ate lunch
went to the kite festival from 2:30 to 6:15 hours
came home
watched more Electric Company
ate dinner
went to bed

That sounds like a pretty long day to me, considering all that happened in just 12 hours!

I'm finishing up the kids' and my laundry right now and need to get Joe's started before bed. I can't watch last night's Torchwood since the DVD player is hooked up for playback instead of TiVo and I don't hold the knowledge for doing that myself, YET.

Wow, Paul just woke up with a scream fest. I don't know if it was night terrors (unlikely since there are 7 dream catchers hanging over our bed) or just that he was angry about having to go pee so badly but he thrashed about in my arms for a good 5 minutes just screaming. After the first minute I remember to start humming "Deep in the Heart of Texas" which is the bedtime lullaby that I've sung and hummed to them since they were born. After several minutes of humming he calmed down enough to open his eyes and say to me "I have to pee really badly!". So we took care of that and I put him back to bed and hummed him back to sleep and I think that he's all back to normal.

I don't feel like doing the dishes right now so I'm going to make them wait until after breakfast tomorrow. Joe, I swear that I'm gonna go back to getting up with kids starting in the morning so you'll have breakfast again. I even thawed out a fresh package of bacon for you.

Gosh, it was really windy, blustery even, at the kite festival. I was too busy trying not to kill people with our kites to get many pictures but I think I got some good face shots.

I'm going to bed now after I finish my glass of Louis Jadot 2006 Beaujolais-Villages AND put a load of Joe's laundry into the washer.

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