Monday, March 03, 2008

September Dinner Calendar

Here's the list of what we had for dinner each night for the month of September 2007. I need to add that the listed dinner is what the kids eat for dinner. Depending on what I've made, I may or may not eat the same thing. For instance, I don't eat the hot dogs and chili but I may have a spoonful of the chili. Instead I'll have a salad or some cooked mixed veggies. And I usually don't have a serving of my own of the tortellini or ravioli, but I will have a piece or two and a meatball out of the cooking pot. Most nights Joe eats out with friends or at business dinners; he's home for the seafood nights and the meat meals or he eats after the kids are in bed when I'll cook him up some seasoned chicken breasts.

1 - Asian noodle soup
2 - Eat out - Buffet Palace
3 - Pork chops, sauerkraut, carrots
4 - Group Dinner - Salmon, grouper, stuffed crabs, mixed veggies
5 - Homemade pizza w/ summer sausage & olives
6 - Black-eyed peas & rice, eggplant, okra
7 - Take out - Don's BBQ
8 - Paul - tortellini w/ meatballs & sauce; Giselle - hot dogs w/ chili
9 - Spaghetti w/ meat sauce made with leftover BBQ meat
10 - Group Dinner - Salmon, tuna, shrimp, mixed veggies
11 - Leftover spaghetti w/ meat sauce, I had a black bean tamale
12 - Chicken fajitas, okra w/ rice, mixed veggies
13 - Hot dogs w/ chili
14 - Asian noodle soup
15 - Pizza bites, mixed veggies
16 - Ravioli w/ meatballs, mixed veggies, ratatouille
17 - Salmon patties, shrimp, mixed veggies, shark, ratatouille
18 - Lasagna made with cubed chuck steak
19 - Leftover lasagna
20 - Eat out - Joe and Giselle at Cheesecake Factory; Paul and I at Maudie's Milagro
21 - Eat out - Joe and me at Hyde Park Bar & Grill - South; kids at Marie's house
22 - Eat out - Dynasty Buffet
23 - Eat out - Taco Bell
24 - Eat out - Olive Garden
25 - Eat out - Satellite Cafe - Oak Hill
26 - Asian noodle soup
27 - Lasagna, ratatouille
28 - Shrimp, salmon, tuna, mixed veggies
29 - Eat out - Chik Fillet
30 - Tortellini w/ meat sauce

We had family in town, that's why we ate out a lot in the middle of the month.

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