Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a quickie

I had to jump back on quickly to let y'all know about the greatest idea. Mom's Cafe gave me the idea to go ahead and color some hard boiled eggs for Easter. See, all our eggs are brown eggs so doing the traditional dye bath for them doesn't work so good - the colors don't look so great. But thanks to Garden Gnome I gently cracked a dozen hard boiled eggs and dropped them in one of 4 colors - red, orange, purple and blue. I'm not telling the kids. They'll see the eggs when they get them out of the cheese/meat/hard boiled egg drawer of the fridge and say "Oh Mommy, you DID color some eggs!" Then they'll peel them and yell "OH MOMMY, THE EGGS ARE COLORED ON THE INSIDE!" I can't wait until they see them!

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