Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Calendars and Monster Trucks

Know what, after filling out all those online forms for free calendars I only got 2 - one from the PA state lottery commission and the other from some church in the mid-west. I was at Office Depot/Max the other day (I never know which one I'm in and I wonder if the staff knows either.) and their calendars were not yet marked down to basement price. I did get one for $1 at Garden Ridge last month and that's the one I'm using for our dinner calendar. Pencil doesn't write very well on it but at this point in the year, I'm not willing to re-write the first 3 months. Although I am willing to tear out those pages and staple them to a new easier-to-write-on calendar. I made the kitchen Georgia O'Keeffe one work by cropping off the bottom (top) edge of the pages and punching the hole further down so that the calendar hangs higher. Wait, I'm having a strong feeling that I already wrote/complained about this before. Well, if I did and you are groaning about reading it again, I'm sorry. If you never read it before then great!

I gotta go delete stuff of of TiVo to make room for more things to delete. The kids were watching Monster Jam this evening and they loved it so I had to give it one thumb up so that it would get recorded again. It was a TiVo suggestion in the first place. I guess it knew something that I didn't know. Then again, Paul does already own a die-cast tiny version of Grave Digger but tonight he wanted to sleep with it. I, of course, said NO! He's now watched Cars three times in the past week and currently wakes up every morning asking some random question like "If they painted Lightning McQueen blue would he still be Lightning McQueen?". I've got a feeling that tomorrow morning's question is going to be something like "If they put really big tires on Lightning McQueen would he be a monster truck?"

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