Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bra Baby

Possibly right now you are saying to yourself "Huh?" but let me explain. If you've purchased a new non-nursing bra in the last 3 years you have discovered that they are ALL padded. I have to admit that while I find the padding unnecessary for increasing my profile, I do like the smooth appearance they give when worn under cotton shirts, especially the shirts with a touch of Lycra in them. On with my story. So these micro-padded bras are a PAIN to wash. Hand washing gets the foam all strange. And there's supposedly something in hand-laundering soap that is bad for bras (I have not confirmed this so don't quote me on it, yet). Tossing them into the washing machine kills them - both the foam and the underwires get mangled.
Last year some brilliant lady (ladies) came up with the perfect solution - Bra Babies. I'm sure that the idea came from those baseball cap holders for the laundry that have been around for several years. You wrap your bra around this vented plastic ball (think wiffle ball) then you put it inside of a bigger wiffle ball and toss it into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. The idea is that your bra gets swished in the soapy and rinse water but doesn't get mangled by the agitator.
I saw an ad for the Bra Baby (or it was a review in a magazine) back in the fall and I've been wanting one ever since. I got my new bras last summer and have been very delicately hand washing them since then. I finally bought a Bra Baby today at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was $9.99 so I bought a plastic citrus juicer for $4.99 and a bottle stopper for $1.99 (I actually did needed both) to bring my total over $15 so that I could use my $5 off coupon! I've now firmly entrenched myself onto BB&B's mailing list. I'm trying the Bra Baby out for the first time right now. It's designed for washing A, B, C & D cups; my bra is larger so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. It certainly will be better than washing it either by hand or loose in the washer. The instructions say that you can put the whole thing in the dryer but I never put my bras in the dryer - my Momma taught me right. After the bra is done drying I'll let you know if it passed the test.

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