Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 cans later

I'm halfway through my second can of cranberry sauce - I'm paying the price for participating in 2 bubble baths in 2 days earlier in the week. And drinking lots of water too.

Paul got hit in the face with a golf ball this evening. That boy gets in more accidents than I could dream possible. I carefully watch over him 95% of the time, but sometimes I gotta go to the bathroom or blink my eyes. At least once every other day I'm saying one or more of these: "Paul, please watch where you're going on your bike.", "Paul, keep an eye on where you're climbing and not looking at me.", "Paul, that's not a good decision, you need to get down.", "Paul, you know how Mommy feels about sticks, stop running with those in your hands.", "Paul, you're stronger than you think so calm down when you're playing swords and light sabers.", "Paul, pay attention to the other people around when you're playing sports."
That last one was the one that I was on my way around the house to remind him about when I heard him crying from the neighbor's back yard. His first words to me were "He wasn't paying attention to where I was!" I'm figuring that this is his first lesson in defensive driving (golf pun intended). Several Arnica, Hypericum and Ledum, a dab of ointment and 1 Motrin later, he's on the mend.
Did I mention that he fell out of a hammock 2 weeks ago?

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