Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Seven #5

Seven things I’m thankful for this past week ended 3/24/07
1 –
Paul peeing and pooping in the toilet when he’s not wearing any bottoms.
2 – The rain holding off on Friday so that I could get the whole lawn mowed.
3 – A new La Leche League Leader Applicant starting the application process.
4 – Our friend’s teacup-sized Yorkshire terrier safely birthing 4 puppies.
5 – The State of Texas for recognizing The Biscuit Brothers and the great work that they do with kids.
6 – Magnolia Café for their wonderful pancakes that my kids love.
7 – The ability to make good food that my family enjoys.
*7* - DH for knowing that he loves his wife.

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Joan said...

A teacup size dog? How big were the puppies? My SS is also posted.

Jane said...

I echo Joan, those much have been some tiny puppies!
My SS is up too!

Lazy Daisy said...

These will preach! Glad you had a successful week and are thankful for the big things as well as the seemingly small things.

Melanie said...

Nice list! I am new to the Sunday Seven as of last week and I am really enjoying everyone's lists. Great.