Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Seven #4

Seven things I’m thankful for this past week ended 3/17/07
1 – The snake that Paul found at the park on Friday was already dead and it was just a baby Western Garter snake.
2 – It didn’t hail on us or our car when we got rained out at the rodeo carnival on Tuesday.
3 – The tiny carnival was still going on locally so we got to go to it after working at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.
4 – The first shepherd’s pie that I made in over 20 years was a total success – no leftovers.
5 – No one got E. Coli from the petting zoo at the rodeo.
6 – Four moms showed up for our nighttime March La Leche League Meeting.
7 – The dog’s bad gas went away once we drained the pool of the crawfish water. Seriously, it was THAT bad!
*7* - A very tired DH putting up with the gassy dog in his bedroom during the thunderstorms. No, it REALLY was bad!

And the posting time printed below is the real time - the Saturday Night Dinner Party (formerly the Friday Night Dinner Party) went to midnight this time!

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Viamarie said...

Everyone at home love shepherd's pie. It's kind of tedious to prepare so I seldom serve this meal.

Btw, I'm curious what moms do in the March La Leche League.

Happy Sunday!

Lazy Daisy said...

Alright! Sounds like a fun week except for the dog's gas situation. Praise the Lord you found the cause!

Hope your week goes well! Blessings.

Melli said...

Lol! Glad the hail missed ya! And you got the dog's problem fixed....

Carol said...

Ahh Shepherd's Pie. I might just have to fix that soon. I think it's been 25+ years since I made that!

Great Sunday Seven!

elisheva said...

Mmmmm Shepherd's Pie. It has been awhile. I may have to drag Granny's recipe out.

I enjoyed your had a little bit of everything----dog gas, storms, rodeos, crayfish, petting zoos, and breast feedin' mamas.

Man, you live an interesting life. Mine is boring by comparison. I really enjoyed reading your list and visiting your blog.:)