Thursday, March 15, 2007

still not posting pictures (what's my deal?)

Yesterday we released the crawfish - wow they sure were fiesty!! All the wimpy ones had died over the past few weeks and all that were left were about 15 very fiesty crawfish that were ready to take on anyone that tried to catch them. We let them go in the run-off creek at the park and they were happy. I have pictures of the release but I don't feel like posting them right now.
Today Giselle had a homeschool field trip to a local TV station, the kids all had a lot of fun and got to play with the weather green screen. I have pictures of that too that will get sent via CD to the appropriate parties.
Afterwards we ate dinner at Taco Bell (yes, some people still eat there) and then went on to our nighttime La Leche League Meeting. We didn't take any pictures of either of those events.
Tomorrow is Park Day. It's sure to be overrun by public school kids out on parole, er I mean spring break, but us homeschoolers will get there early and stake out our usual territory (or stand around giving the evil eye until they leave to anyone that is in 'our section'). We don't really do that, but the kids do!
Saturday is Market Day for us and that evening we have a St Patty's day party to go to - I'm making shepherd's pie! I'll be sure to take pictures of that too and not post them!
Oh, the other night I prepared some of the way cool Central Market pasta and took several pictures. Nope, I don't feel like posting those either right now.
Maybe I'll do several picture posts tomorrow night after I put the kids to bed. If I feel like it.

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cheryl said...

Thanks for your advise on the Ipod, but it is really an mp3 with all kinds of fancy. It did not have a battery so I could not take it apart to dry out - I couldn't even get it to shut off. It did not sync like an ipod does, so it was a total loss. It's really okay though, because I have all kinds of back up systems.
The Crawfish sound like fun. I still have some great pictures of my boys releasing some in a bayou in Houston.