Friday, March 23, 2007

Rodeo pictures

Two little girls and several baby goats, I'm not sure who was happier.

The most cases of E. Coli occur from kids not practicing good hygiene during and after visiting petting zoos. The kids all did a double round of hand sanitizer upon leaving the pen.

You can't see it but they also had a female kangaroo (maybe a large wallaby) in a pen. I know it was female because she had a joey in her pouch! I'm sorry but I find that inexcusable - we don't live in Australia so it's not like they found a sick roo by the side of the road and nursed it back to health. No, this marsupial was intentionally impregnated and is now living a life of misery (high stress situations and no access to acres of open land). I'd like to know what I can do about getting that mom & baby away from the petting zoo and into a rescue facility.

Hook Em Horns!!

The one in the back, his horns were over 4 feet WIDE, if you stretched them out straight they would be over 6 feet long. They were pretty calm when it was just me standing by them, came up to the fence and everything, but as soon as one of the kids ran over they moved to the middle of the pen. These cows, although full of horns, don't have anything on the Jersey bull at The Farm. The Jersey bull has no horns but he would have charged through the fence and stomped us to death if we had gotten too close. According to Edgar, more farmers are killed by Jersey bulls than by all other breed bulls combined. From hanging out at the farm, I now know how to make the 'angry bull' noise and can use it to wind up bulls anywhere - like at the Miniature Hereford showing area in the Agriculture Barn at the rodeo. Last year at the rodeo I was doing turkey calls to wind up the turkeys in the show barn.

Small kids and tractors, can't say much more about that! We could have spent hours in this section. Oh wait we did, or rather we would have if it hadn't started pouring down rain after an hour of playing.

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The rodeo looks like so much fun!