Friday, March 09, 2007

pictures soon?

Last night I took pictures while I cooked the remaining giant goose egg - I'll post them later.
Earlier this week I took pictures of the dog messing with the crawfish - I'll post them later.
There are several other pictures that I'll be posting later but right now I've got to get all our food together for PARK DAY! It's Spring now and parkdays last until sunset so I've got to pack lunch, snack and dinner. I'm off to the kitchen, post later.

Joe got his big toe smashed by a printer 2 days ago, he'll lose the nail but he'll keep the toe. Speaking of losing, his phone got lost/stolen yesterday so he's got a new one now. He has finally realized that resistance is futile and has been assimilated to become Borg. Yes, Joe now has a bluetooth headset.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Isn't that true though! Those blue tooth thingies are so borg-like.

I'm resisting being assimilated, eventhough I KNOW resistance IS futile.