Saturday, March 10, 2007

more stuff with pending pictures

This morning we found 3, yes three, baby tarantulas in the bucket under our front porch light! And today on EBay I got Giselle a knock-off American Girl Doll - she is so excited!
We got a bit of yard work done today - clearing out dead foliage on my ornamental plants. Last week, before brushy pick-up, we cleared out all of last year's coral honeysuckle and foti and autumn clemitis. I moved out almost all of the plants and set up the water fountain out front. This is the first year that I have felt that the kids were old enough to not mess with the water in the fountain 24/7 so, after 5 years in storage under my indoor plant stand, it's plugged in and running again. Yeah, they messed with it all day but by next week I'm hoping that they will have backed off a bit.
No Farmers Market today - Finca Pura Vida took this weekend off so we had one last Saturday off of work.
Sunday School tomorrow.
I realized yesterday that we will be out of town for Eeyore's Birthday Party this year!


Carol said...

Tarantulas?! Yikes! Although they'd really be interesting to look at.

Jamie said...

Baby tarantulas sound kinda cute. Do you have pics? I'd love to see 'em!