Thursday, March 22, 2007


Tonight I finished off the turkey soup that I made on Monday while playing at Marie's house. I left some there for her kids to eat and took the rest home with me. We ate it Monday and Tuesday night, Wednesday we had turkey and pork chili over rice with cornbread at Marie's and today I had the rest of the soup for lunch and dinner. Giselle and Paul had tired of the soup after having it again on Tuesday so she had chili with hot dogs and he had bacon and 2 fried eggs.
This morning Giselle had scrambled eggs with cream cheese (3 Phoenix and 1 Red egg) and green juice, Joe had bacon and eggs, Paul had vanilla yogurt with an orange cut-up in it, the rest of Giselle's eggs and green juice and I had green juice and a few bites of Giselle's eggs. For lunch Giselle had what Paul had for breakfast and half of a turkey sandwich and Paul ate some hard boiled eggs, some sliced cheese and turkey and something else that I can't remember. In addition to the soup, I also had a hard boiled goose egg for lunch (I remembered to take a picture of that complete with a ruler next to it).
I forgot to do a photo shoot of the soup but it looked pretty identical to the Caldo De Pollo pictures. Ingredient-wise it was the same except I used two turkey drumsticks (leftover uncooked in the freezer from Christmas) and barley instead of chicken and rice. Gosh I love a good soup and I sure do make a good soup! Toot Toot (that's the sound of me blowing my own horn)!
I boiled up a few of the goose eggs so that I can take one to the Market on Saturday. I'm going to cut it in half and display it so that folks can really see how beautiful they are inside. The chicken eggs that we've gotten from Finca Pura Vida this month have been soooo delicious and the dozen that I boiled earlier this week are so indescribably good I want to eat them all. The cooked yolk is like a firm brie in both richness and texture; the white is as delicate in the mouth as Jello. And it's not like I baby my hard boiled eggs - I leave them out of the refrigerator for at least 24 hours (these are FRESH eggs and if you don't 'age' them at room temperature for 24 hours then they are impossible to peel without tearing up the whites), then I put the dozen into a 2 quart pan filled with cold water, put it on the stove on high and let it boil for about 30 min or until the water is almost gone. I turn off the burner and let them cool in the pan on the stove for a few hours, after which I put them in the refrigerator. We usually go through a dozen hard boiled and 3 to 4 dozen fried or scrambled eggs a week.

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