Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paul's Latest

OK, since the sprinkler accident last week there was:
1 - Saturday - He tripped and fell while running at the farmers market and scratched the palm of his right hand. He always wears long shorts to the market to keep his knees from getting scraped in these falls so those were unharmed.
2 - Sunday - He was chewing on the string to his binoculars and then pulled it back and forth in his mouth giving himself a major rope burn on each side of his mouth. He looks like the Joker from Batman.
3 - Tuesday - He was stabbing the etch-a-sketch with a pen, it slipped and he stabbed himself in the finger.

Oh, and the day before the sprinkler accident he got stung by a bee on the bottom of his other foot.

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Jamie said...

Okay - this is why I'm glad I do not have a boy. Girls are just so much more gentle. Anyways, Paul has my sympathies! I hope he is feeling better and I wish him more luck in not injuring himself in the near future.