Monday, September 04, 2006

Croc Hunter Diaries - The true Final Entry has been made

Joe told me this morning that he heard on the radio that Steve Irwin died. I've spent the last 2 hours pouring over all the articles on the web - the accident happened last night (Sunday) at 8 pm (our time - cst US) which was 11 am Monday in Australia.

Media statement released by Australia Zoo – 4 September 2006
Steve Irwin
At 11am today, the 4th September 2006, Steve Irwin was fatally wounded by a stingray barb to his heart whilst filming a sequence on Batt Reef off Port Douglas for his daughter’s new TV series.Emergency services were called from Cairns Rescue Base and met Croc One, Steve’s rescue vessel at Low Isle on the Great Barrier Reef.The Croc One crew performed constant CPR during the thirty minute dash to Low Isle, but the medical staff pronounced Steve dead at approx. 12 noon.
His producer and closest friend, John Stainton said on Croc One today,“The world has lost a great wildlife icon, a passionate conservationist and one of the proudest Dads on the planet. He died doing what he loves best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. Crocs Rule!”

I've watched all his shows so many times that I feel like I knew him. The love that he had for his family, friends and all animals should be copied by everyone. This world has lost a great person. My heart goes out to Terri because, from all that I've learned of them over the years, theirs was a true life-long love that should have continued for another 40+ years.
Thank you Steve for sharing yourself with the world and you will be missed greatly by the occupants of Casa de Galletti!

Death as perplexing as fame

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Jamie said...

I cannot tell you how sad we were yesterday to hear about Steve passing. It was weird because I'm usually not affected by strangers - even celebrities - dying. But, Kayla LOOOOOVED Steve so much. She would watch him on Wiggles all the time. It's awful and too bad she won't be able to see him any more except in re-runs.