Monday, April 30, 2012

Follow-up on purchase of RSVP Endurance® 1-Egg Poacher Set

This is the follow-up to my post on

When I was a kid we had an aluminum single-egg poacher which I used several times a week. Flash forward 30 years and I'm looking for an egg poacher for my kids to safely use. I first got some of those silicone poachers at Christmas but I had the same problems as everyone else - poor heat transference resulting in unsatisfactory eggs - and my kids almost got steam burns using them. I went searching on Amazon, saw that this poacher was liked the most and I bought it. Wow, this is one of the highest quality items I've ever received that was made in China. The pan and lid are heavy and stay where you put them and the poaching insert has a good Teflon coating. The handle is firmly riveted to the side of the pan and it's long enough that you don't burn your hand over the stove while using it. The handle on the poaching insert is small but since it's aluminum it says pretty cool to the touch - with my Kevlar hands I don't need a pot holder - but the handle on the lid can get pretty hot so use a pot holder for that one. The poacher insert has vents around the edge so it doesn't rattle while the steam escapes and the lid is heavy enough to keep the poacher down in case someone fills the pan too full and floats the insert. My kids are loving using it almost daily, so much so that I just leave it on the stove all the time. If you're only making two eggs, this is so much easier to use than buying and storing a 4-egg insert. It works best if you keep the heat on high until the water is boiling and then turn it down to 4 before you put the egg in. On my stove, 3.5 min makes a loose egg; 4 min makes a cooked but runny egg; and 4.5 min makes a soft but non-runny egg.

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