Friday, December 04, 2009

That which brought us to Whole Foods on a Thursday Night

Why? "Why would you be out with the kids eating overly sweet sheet cake at Whole Foods on a Thursday night?" you ask. Well I'll tell you. A certain woman, a pioneer in her field you might say, was in town for the night and we made an extra effort to go visit this woman and her family at a bookstore that's located across the street from the Whole Foods World Headquarters.

We had some time to kill before seeing them so we ate dinner at Whole Foods. I had some REALLY good Black Bean Soup - as good as my own and a little less heavy-handed with the cumin. Paul and Giselle had slices of a Chicken Ranch Pizza - they liked it. The use of ranch dressing instead of regular pizza sauce made for a very soggy pizza - the cook warned us about it. I got the Tres Leches Parfait and the kids got the sheet cake slices - Paul got the vanilla and Giselle got the chocolate. And sodas, Blue Sky Naturals, root beer and cream soda. I got some Goji Berry drink of some kind, like Vitamin Water but not that brand. None of us finished our desserts, even with sharing them, that's how overly sweet they all were!

Paul made some new friends.

I wonder how many people thought that these kids were part of the entourage since they just made themselves at home.

Unsocialized / unsocial homeschoolers? Ha! Blows that idea right out of your head!! More like - showing the ability to make new friends with any one any where.

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