Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Gone today, here tomorrow

The frosts have killed off all of the basil out at The Farm and I forgot to bring my potted basil in before the last heavy frost so I'm stuck using dried and frozen basil until the spring. In the meantime, it's now officially cilantro season so I'll be using that fresh instead of frozen until the basil comes in again.
The cucumbers are all gone now - there weren't any at all this last Sunday - but the ones from the prior Sunday are all chunked and frozen to be used in green juice all winter and spring long. I'm sure the peppers didn't survive the frosts this week so in anticipation I froze up another gallon of them last week. I also froze up 3 gallons of pipian and ayote squashes to be used in green juice and cooked dishes until they come in fresh again late next summer. I've still got several fresh ones of those and some peppers in the fridge that we're snacking on daily, either raw or sauteed in garlic and butter.
At PE today, Giselle turned some of her friends on to the orange California Wonder bell peppers. They were leery at first, thinking they were hot peppers not sweet peppers, but once they tried a stick they were sold.
We got the first of the winter spinach on Sunday and I cooked up a pound of it for the giant spinach & bacon omelet that we shared for dinner on Tuesday night. First I cooked the bacon, then I sauteed the spinach in the bacon grease; when it was almost done I added some pressed garlic. When that was ready I poured in 6 eggs beaten with Spike seasoning and shredded Italian cheeses and stirred it all together in the pan. I topped that with the chopped bacon, lowered the heat, and covered the pan to let the omelet set. Just before folding it in half and taking it off the stove I put a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle. I cut it into 3 wedges and served it up with a dollop of Daisy on the side. Paul and Giselle both wanted seconds but there weren't any. Maybe I'll make it again for lunch on Thursday.

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