Friday, February 20, 2009

Just passing this on, I signed and so should you.

Help Send a Message to the USDA – 100,000 Americans for a Sustainable America
Next week we’re delivering your signatures and comments to Secretary Vilsack at his offices in Washington DC.
Please forward this message to 5 of your friends to help us reach our goal of over 100,000 Americans for a sustainable USDA.We want to thank you for helping us make this petition a success. To date over 84,659 Americans have signed the letter calling for sustainable change at the USDA.
Original signers to the letter include Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Marion Nestle, Francis Moore Lappé, Bill McKibben, Alice Waters, Dan Barber and Rick Bayless among many others.
So far we know that we’ve had success in changing the debate in how agriculture is being discussed in the 21st century. Since his confirmation, Secretary Vilsack has made a number of forward-thinking statements that prove he understands the urgent need for change in our nation’s food policies.
Let's make sure the administration understands how much support the idea of sustainable practices in U.S. food and farm policy we’re asking that you forward this message to 5 friends to have them sign the petition and help put us over the top.
Thanks again for all your help, we look forward to creating a sustainable food system for the 21st century.
Best,David MurphyPaul WillisLisa StokkeAaron Woolf
Food Democracy Now!

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