Tuesday, February 24, 2009


With a LOT of help from the kids and Joe, the 5-pound bag of gummy bears was finished off yesterday afternoon. And all that's left of those ones from Target is about 25 bears.

BUT, we were at Target today and I had NO desire to restock the pantry with new bags of the little bears. I am SO tired of there being candy around the house! Thankfully St Patricks day isn't a candy holiday and Easter is 40 days away so we'll have a break for a bit once I throw out the gingerbread houses Thursday morning. And after Easter there're no more candy holidays until Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There'll be a birthday party in there but I'm filling the pinata with just gum and toys, no candy!

1 comment:

Charles said...

ya'll FINISHED the 5lbs? are you kidding? Yoikes! Wow and cool, but YOIKES! that's a darn lot of bears. :)