Saturday, December 13, 2008

Grumpy Mom

So the kids will be performing in our church's Christmas musical tomorrow morning. This year's play is The Grumpy Shepherd. This is a pleasant play but is it REALLY necessary to use the word "stupid" in a church play, especially one being put on by kids aged four to 11? At one point in the play, the grumpy shepherd refers to his sheep saying "But what about these stupid sheep?". I think that it's not right! It bothers me that this line is in the play. Had I known earlier in the process that this word was in the play I would have said something, but it wasn't until today's final dress rehearsal that I heard the full play with the line that I object to. I'm disappointed that I now I'll have to say something to the choir director about it. I would think that I shouldn't HAVE to say something because the choir director would have changed the word BEFORE it was given to the children. The word could have VERY easily been dropped or changed to something a LOT less cruel than the 'S' word.

Sorry if I you think I'm being prude about this but I feel that the way we talk to other people is a reflection of how we treat other people. If you are prone to CALLING people stupid then you're more likely to TREAT people as if they are stupid.
I really disagree with calling people (or things) disrespectful or degrading names to make yourself feel superior to them (or make them feel inferior to you). When those words are used without discretion it leads to a general lack of respect for yourself and those you come in contact with you.


Suz said...

i hate the word stupid too. i also hate the word hate. it's pretty obnoxious to have name calling in a church play for little kids.

potty mouth julie said...

Hmmmm, something to think about.

My sister and I have such different rules for our kids. She doesn't like the words "stupid" or "loser" which are two common household words in my house. I told her to be warned at Christmas time when she is here with her kids. I know he is going to be pretty distressed at Rachael's common use of the word "stupid".

I'm just glad she has only once said, "Son of a bitch!" and that is when she stubbed her toe.

Yeah, I'm one of THOSE moms.

chris Thomas said...

It is not ok to call sheep stupid, however it IS ok to eat them...