Friday, September 19, 2008


I finally got our grocery shopping done yesterday - in a mad rush just before Claudia and the boys came over to play. Giselle got tired of boy games an hour into playing so she called over her friend Jessi to join in. Jessi stayed through dinner - hot dogs in buns.
Organic grapes were on sale so I bought close to 10 lbs of them; green, red and black.
I really dislike having to make a special trip to Randall's to get the Oscar Mayer Natural Hot Dogs so I'm happy to report that another brand is making natural hot dogs and HEB is carrying them. In these 2 cases, natural has no bearing on how the cows/pigs were raised; it just means that the hot dogs contain no added nitrites or nitrates. This brand I'm now buying, John Morrell Bistro Naturals, has no MSG, they're gluten free, they are fully cooked but uncured, no nitrites or nitrates were added except for natural occurring nitrates in sea salt and celery juice. Although they do have a whopping 15 grams of fat in each dog! That's 23% of the total maximum amount of fat a grown adult should eat in one day all in just one plain hot dog!

Gotta get back to work so we can make it to the park before 3 today!

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