Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sabado Gigante

I kept waking up all morning long and finally at 7 am (6:50 actually) the kids woke up and asked if they could get up. I said sure as long at they went to the playroom and didn't wake up Joe. Instead Giselle came into the bedroom twice in 20 minutes to ask me questions so I got up around 7:20. The kids ate breakfast (Giselle had Organic O's with milk, Paul had fresh raspberries and granola mixed with vanilla yogurt and milk), I drank two glasses of milk and got all of our stuff together for the farmers market. The kids had all of their toys and Pokemon binders packed up and ready to go to the market by 8:40 so they watched a little bit of this morning's episode of Pokemon Adventures Diamond & Pearl and we headed out to the market. We got there at an astounding 9 am! Giselle's friend was there so the kids played and worked all day. My friend didn't show up until 12:30 but she took my kids home with her when she left. After putting away all my produce and milk and eggs, I headed over to her house just before 3.
The kids played the whole day except when they were eating - 9 hours of nonstop action. Giselle worked hard on clearing one of the gardens of all weeds so that we all can plant a winter vegetable garden in it next week. Don't tell anyone but after they were done I weeded the other half without them knowing. We adults ate, we played, we had 2 drinks, we played, we ate again, we drank a bottle of wine and at 10 pm we (my kids and I) left. Claudia's mom is visiting so I was challenged to work on my Espanol all afternoon.

I've invented a new drink and we are calling it a Natalie. 1 oz Mexican Tequila, 6 oz Central Market Organic's Prickly Pear Italian Soda, served over ice. It was REALLY GOOD!

I've eaten more rotisserie chicken in the last week than I've previously eaten in the past year.

Buenos Noches, Amigos!

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