Monday, September 15, 2008

late night

I stayed up until 4:44 AM canning roasted peppers! More and more, I really feel that canning is a community effort. The group doesn't really make it go that much quicker (although some help peeling the 60 peppers would have been appreciated) but the group helps to pass the time so it doesn't seem so time consuming. Fortunately, I was videoing with Marie on Skype for the last hour and a half of the process.
The funny thing is that I had talked to her earlier in the day at 1 pm my time and 8 pm her time. Now, here I was talking to her again after she had gotten up the next day and had sent the kids off to school (3 am my time and 10 am her time), yet I was still up since the previous call.

I'll post pictures later.

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