Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry about the worm post, but that really did happen and I honestly had nothing better to post. No sign of a UTI but some chemical levels aren't right so they're going to culture the sample; she got 4 de-worming pills this evening.
I got all of the laundry done today and I mowed the lawn again.
Edgar fussed at me last week about giving him one dirty jar for milk so I've got to give them all a second washing tonight before I turn them in tomorrow.
I made the kids tortellini & ravioli w/ homemade pesto (frozen cubes from 2 years ago); they both had seconds and Giselle wanted thirds. A home run on dinner again!
School starts on Monday.

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Carla said...

Tell me how to freeze pesto-I'm sorry your doggy is sick. We just wormed all our dogs last Sunday, hopefully we will be powdering them this eve (for fleas), and liming the backyard/aka dogrun. Fun fun fun! But, such is life!