Monday, September 01, 2008

the exodus continues

Phuong and Melinda left this afternoon and tomorrow everyone else leaves. It's going to seem awfully quiet around here for a few days until we get used to it being just the 4 of us again. It's NOT a good time of the month for me to be saying good-byes to people.

Joe thinks that Chuy's on Barton Springs has the best tres leches cake in town. I had it there for the first time today and, while the piece was HUGE, it was not the best that I've ever had. I think it needed more flavor - more cinnamon, more vanilla. It just tasted like a dense angelfood cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk. I still think that Sol Y La Luna has the best followed closely by Whole Foods. I haven't tried HEB's yet; that's next on my list.

I think that we're starting school on Wednesday. Thursday I'll be wanting to leave.

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