Friday, September 05, 2008

Dog's got worms

Going to the vet this afternoon. The other week she was caught eating things that she doesn't normally eat (washcloths) and this week she's leaking a LOT more than usual. I made a call to the vet this am when I got up to get her checked for a UTI. But a half hour ago when I was walking her around the block I captured some of the gross white things when I collected her stuff for the vet. Now I've got to research what our choices are regarding treatment. FUN! Not exactly the way I was planning on spending Park Day.

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Charles said...

bob the cat got worms once. How did I find out? when some girl I was trying to date picked the cat up, and a worm poked out.

note to self, worms from the behind does not impress the ladies.

Second note to self, pass this info on to Tarzan....