Monday, June 02, 2008

To Done

To Done:
vacuumed the house
swept the kitchen
washed and dried all the dirty clothes
dusted things
took down the tent
taught school
dispensed Pokemon cards at bedtime
made dinner for 7 - roasted pork loin, fresh green beans, tomato wedges, mini lasagna noodles with pesto
did cash report
pulled the poison ivy in the backyard
working on the property taxes

Still To Do:
put away the tent
pull up the rest of the poison ivy
wash the dog
fertilize the lawn
teach school again
keep working on the property taxes
put Protectant 303 on the seats of the see-saw
update the TFM database
do the LLL annual reports
fertilize the lawn
grocery shopping
mow the lawn
mop the floors
put away ALL the laundry

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