Monday, June 02, 2008


The other week, I was driving home from a La Leche League Meeting at sunset and the views from Capitol of Texas Highway were amazing. I grabbed my camera and blindly shot away while paying attention to driving. When I uploaded the pictures later I saw that many were obscured by blurry trees or the only thing in the frame was sky not sun - thank goodness for digital cameras! I've always enjoyed trying to capture sunsets on film but the financial cost of taking not-great shots can add up.

Out of all of the pictures I like this one the best even though it still didn't pick up the pinks that were visible to the naked eye.

I'm sure that Ree or Donna could help me make it look 'right' with Photoshop but I really try my best to get it to look real straight out of the camera. Maybe another day I'll play with this picture and see what I come up with. If I do I'll post my results here.

And this picture, while it's blurry/fuzzy, I really like. I think it's the feel of motion that I get from looking at it. Also it's probably because I know that within 10 years this stretch of highway, a mile from my house, will NOT look like this. It will be overbuilt and look like Houston.

They look good when you look at them bigger so click on them and enjoy.

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Coffee Bean said...

I love those pictures! I think you did a great job!