Monday, June 02, 2008

pepino - cucumbers

I had my first Finca Pura Vida Lebanese cucumber of the season a few minutes ago. It was SOOO good. I dipped it in the Garlic Saltburst sea salt from Spiceburst Gourmet Spices. I buy the salt in bulk every summer because I LOVE it on my cucumbers! Tonight I just poured a bit of the salt into a tiny shallow bowl and dipped my cucumber into it and ate it. When it's full-blown cucumber season I cut up 8 cups worth of the cucumbers, generously sprinkle the salt over them, snap the lid onto the 8-cup container and twist and turn it all around until every slice has some salt on it. I do this early in the morning on Fridays so that they're ready for snacking and sharing later on at Park Day. The garlic salt is roasted so it's a nice chocolate brown color and after the cucumbers have been soaking in it for a few hours it looks like they've been soaking in balsamic vinegar. The cucumbers are so crunchy and salty and garlicky; everybody at the park really looks forward to me bringing them to The Park each week.

They also love it when I bring the California Wonder bell peppers with the Daisy/Good Seasons dip. But they'll have to wait a bit on those - the peppers just started being harvested and they are all still green, not yet the beautiful (and flavorful) red, orange and yellow.

back to work on the prop tax, or I'll go to bed.

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Coffee Bean said...

Oh my goodness... you just made me hungry!

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