Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Yesterday we ended up at Dick Nichols after camp with a promise to go to Barton Springs after camp today. There was much more swimming done at Dick Nichols and there was equal amounts of stuff floating in the water at both pools. Paul really enjoyed watching people go off of the diving board. One college-age guy did a back flip and Paul turned to me and said "That was AWESOME!" I had forgotten how stinky the shallow end is - yuck! - we moved out of there quickly.

We Taco Belled it on the way home since it was moving on to dinner time and the cucumbers with garlic salt were all eaten up. Guess who's not using ANY tomato products due to the recall? Yep, Taco Bell. That means no toms in the guac, no salsa in the burritos, and NO HOT SAUCE since it's made out of tomatoes! Fortunately we have lots of safe tomatoes at home that I cut up and added into our 7-Layer Burritos and I've got several jars of different salsas in the fridge.

Totally off-topic: I sure wish that my IT guy could get my wireless signal issues worked out.

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Suz said...

never go to the shallow water! the good swimming water is on the diving board side of the pool. and that's where jim jims is too!!!