Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"I want them to look at my teeth too!" I must have heard that about 15 times on the 45 minute drive to the dentist's office. Then he fell asleep 10 min before we got there. I'm kicked back in the chair and 3/4 of the way through my cleaning Paul comes in the room "Hi Momma! What's she doing to your teeth? I want you to look at my teeth too!" He asked some more questions with his face in my mouth and then said "I'm going to go see Giselle" and walked two rooms down to see her. From my chair I hear him ask "What are you doing to her? I want you to look at my teeth too!" The hygienist and I giggled. He came back into our room and I got out of the chair so they could look at his teeth for him. He played with the chair controls a bit and then laid back and had his 20 teeth counted. Then it was the rest of my turn. All 3 of us got new toothbrushes, toothpaste and the kids got some floss too; guess I didn't need any. And of course, since we were on the other side of the planet we had to drop by the Krispy Kreme up there. Once again it was cleaning time when we dropped by that one - it was last year too - so we didn't stick around for long. And once again we didn't eat all of our donuts.

I've got other work to do so I'm gonna run. I just wanted to drop by and post for the day.

Oh, last night's sleepover ended at about 10:15 pm - VBS, pool and a sleepover in one day was just a little too much for both of the girls - they both wanted to be in their own room in their own houses with their familiar things around them. I don't think that the proposed sleepover on Thursday night is going to work either for the same reason.

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