Sunday, December 23, 2007

too busy to post

I've got too much going on to post.
- still have presents to wrap (I think I finished the shopping last night when I went grocery shopping last night after the kids went to bed).
- was going to make pralines right now but the link on Jamie's blog doesn't work anymore!
- need to do laundry.
- need to finish cleaning the laundry room.
- need to re-organize the playroom to make room for the incoming mess.
- need to finish cleaning up the bedroom.
- need to vacuum the house.
- need to make sure that I have EVERYTHING that I need to make Christmas dinner.
- Joe thinks I need to help him clean up the back yard and redo the areas that I sodded the other day. I think THE KIDS need to help him as I already have enough to do.

Gotta run!
Do YOU have it all done? Shouldn't you be taking care of that instead of reading my blog?

1 comment:

Jamie said...

So sorry about that. I fixed the link now! I hope it's not too late.