Monday, December 31, 2007

How we spent New Year's Eve Day

We spent the day in the front yard playing in the sprinkler. Well, I played with the sprinkler and the kids played in the dirt and mud after running through the sprinkler for 30 minutes.

The thermometer on the west side of the house showed that the high for the day was 82. Too bad that, as is usual, winter starts tomorrow. Historically, the cold seems to come to stay for 6 weeks starting tomorrow.

Giselle drew the most wonderful picture on the driveway today. She had me trace her body and then she colored it in.

The kids are watching TV for the next 6 hours (Reading Rainbow and Super Why, thank you TiVo) while they try to stay up as late as they possibly can - on New Year's Eve we let them stay up as long as they can. Paul made it to 11 pm last year while Giselle had to be shut down by me at 2 am. Maybe if I let her have more champagne this year she'll fall asleep sooner.

Totally out of the blue, Giselle just informed me that she likes it when people scratch the bottom of her feet but she doesn't like it when they tickle them. I keep thinking that she and Katie would make good friends, maybe we should start them as pen pals. What do you think, Donna?

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Nan said...

I am SO jealous of your weather!!!