Monday, April 02, 2007

The Backyardigans

Tonight is the first backyard camp out of 2007. It's a full moon tonight so it'll be very bright eventually, currently Joe is out in the workhouse down the hill with his friend Derrick so it's bright from those lights. They've got their water bottles, two animal friends each and some of those glowing necklaces to play with until they get tired enough to try to go to sleep. There's supposed to be a 5 to 10 mph wind out of the South but it really hasn't shown up yet - I'm not hearing any wind chimes. Hopefully they will be ready to come inside by the time it's my time to go to bed, otherwise I'll be out there with them. If it's breezy it won't be too bad - I've got the queen-sized inflatable mattress (turned sideways) out there with sleeping bags and pillows on top of it. I have to say that I love modern tents, they so blow old-timey tents away! It was after 7 this evening when the kids convinced me to let us camp out tonight and the tent was all set up and filled with stuff by 8.
Maybe I'll go take some snacks out there for them.
Next time maybe we'll do this in Marie's back yard or they'll come join us in ours. Giselle says that each family has to stay in their own tent.

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