Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wearing Your Baby

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Below is something I wrote 3 years ago (before Paul was Born):

It seems so natural that if a baby spent 9 months of it's life inside of you under constant movement and/or sound (except while you sleep) that they would be most comfortable under the same conditions when they are outside of the womb. After Giselle was born I carried her everywhere using either my arms, a sling or a front carrier and she never had an issue with any of it - it was just a continuation of being in the womb. She would fall asleep in the front carrier while I vacuumed or swept or did dishes (if she was in the sling I kept bonking her head w/ my elbow). The only thing I didn't do was wear her while mowing the lawn - then I stuck her in her swing. I also slung her very low as that way she got the most movement and the most stretching room. I was constantly told that I was wearing her too low but I would point out that she was hanging at the exact level that she had been in for 9 months and we were both comfortable with it.
While pregnant w/ Giselle I made a point of playing all of my favorite music really loud so that she would be very familiar with it when she came out and consequently it would be good for lulling her to sleep or keeping her stimulated (depending on the circumstances). We never had car seat issues and I think that part of it can be attributed to the fact that I was always playing 'oldies but goodies from the womb' on the car stereo. We also always have the stereo playing in the bedroom while she naps - that way any sudden noises don't disturb her. Most people with 2 kids notice that #2 can sleep through anything - because it's never quiet and they (the baby) are used to the noise.
Unfortunately, so many moms only use the vibrating musical bouncy chairs instead of a sling-type carrier thus missing out on all the perks that come with baby wearing. Not that the kids turn out bad or deprived or sickly, just that they did miss out on some additional mom/baby bonding.

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