Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dental Complications

Giselle's first adult/big tooth has made an appearance but it has neglected to eject it's predecessor prior to it's emergence. We have to manually wiggle the old tooth all the time for the next week to get it to come out on it's own or else the dentist will have to step in for an assisted removal. The funny thing is that it's her top 2 teeth that are totally wobbly!

Two months ago we met this wonderful mom & her 2 kids. Her oldest is 2 months older than Giselle and at the time that we met her she had just lost her first tooth. Giselle was so excited because this gave her hope that she too would start loosing teeth soon! Two weeks later, after her first dentist appointment she decided that her 2 bottom teeth were wobbly. I humored her slightly but also reminded that she was 2 months younger than Leia so it might be a little bit longer before the teeth actually came out. A month ago while eating vegetarian corn dogs, Giselle bit down on the stick by accident and said that it hurt her top tooth so it was not much of a surprise when last weekend she noticed that her top teeth had gone wobbly. It was highly exciting but not a surprise. Paul refuses to wobble it for her, he politely says "no thank you" whenever she offers to let him feel it. But here she is, at the same age that Leia was when we met her and IF Giselle's teeth had cooperated she also would be missing a tooth right now.
Now Giselle is all over me to finish making her Tooth Box - a pretty wood box that she painted and I'm lining for us to keep all of her baby teeth in. I'll be sure to post pictures of it with it's first resident when the time comes.

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