Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dental Complications

Giselle's first adult/big tooth has made an appearance but it has neglected to eject it's predecessor prior to it's emergence. We have to manually wiggle the old tooth all the time for the next week to get it to come out on it's own or else the dentist will have to step in for an assisted removal. The funny thing is that it's her top 2 teeth that are totally wobbly!

Two months ago we met this wonderful mom & her 2 kids. Her oldest is 2 months older than Giselle and at the time that we met her she had just lost her first tooth. Giselle was so excited because this gave her hope that she too would start loosing teeth soon! Two weeks later, after her first dentist appointment she decided that her 2 bottom teeth were wobbly. I humored her slightly but also reminded that she was 2 months younger than Leia so it might be a little bit longer before the teeth actually came out. A month ago while eating vegetarian corn dogs, Giselle bit down on the stick by accident and said that it hurt her top tooth so it was not much of a surprise when last weekend she noticed that her top teeth had gone wobbly. It was highly exciting but not a surprise. Paul refuses to wobble it for her, he politely says "no thank you" whenever she offers to let him feel it. But here she is, at the same age that Leia was when we met her and IF Giselle's teeth had cooperated she also would be missing a tooth right now.
Now Giselle is all over me to finish making her Tooth Box - a pretty wood box that she painted and I'm lining for us to keep all of her baby teeth in. I'll be sure to post pictures of it with it's first resident when the time comes.

Paul's latest

So, while playing in the sprinkler on Monday morning, Paul stepped on either the sprinkler or on a half-chewed dog bone and cut his foot. I can see that I'm in for a lifetime of this.

Friday, August 25, 2006

scar update

The silicon bandages are way cool and I may use them on some of my own old scars (Homeopathic Silica is a 'cure' for scars so I'm ok with using the silicon things) but they definately DON"T hold onto sweaty heads, even at nighttime. We have switched to the Mederma. I just apply it at every diaper change since it's supposed to be rubbed in 3 to 4 times a day.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paul's Scar

We started using this last night before bed - a friend who used to work for J&J recommended the silicon sheets.
Neosporin Scar Solution : Frequently Asked Questions

The Pediatrician advised using either the silicon sheets or Mederma. I got some of that too in case the sheets don't hold well to a sweaty forehead.

Was it a bee or a fly?

You decide and let me know - is this a bee or is it a fly? It was on our back porch the other morning - I guess he got 'cold' during the night and needed to warm up because he was letting me move him all around with a toy shovel. By the way, he was HUGE! I'm talking at least 1.5 inches long and .5 in wide!


My alien cactus

So I have this fuzzy cactus that when it blooms it has fuzzy flowers too. It's called a Stapelia Hirsuta aka Hairy Carrion Flower, carrion flower because the flower smells like rotting meat - to better attract the flies to pollinate it. But the flowers totally look like some alien lifeform.

A high in the 70's in August?

Don't talk to me about it being hot where you live, this is a picture of our thermometer that hangs outside of our back door (in direct sun from 4 pm until sunset). This picture was taken 3 days ago at about 6 pm and be aware that the high and lows were just reset 2 days before.
Current temp was 104, daily high was 122 (in the sun) and the low had been a chilly 76.

On a lighter note...

Giselle got her first guitar yesterday. This morning she wrote/sang a new song, after listening to it for a few minutes I realized that it's about me. She sang about "Stop listening to the song playing on your cell phone because it's somebody calling you and you should answer it because they want to talk to you." I cracked up and said "Hey are you singing about me?" She looked at me, laughed and said "yep"
Silly girl!
But you know, it IS a really good song - some digital ska tune that is one of the preloaded ringtones on the phone - and I really do like to listen to it!

no children's ibuprofien or pregnant horses' urine

August 16, 2006 — The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved safety labeling revisions to advise of the risk for allergic and gastrointestinal adverse events in pediatric patients receiving ibuprofen-containing nonprescription products, such as ibuprofen plus pseudoephedrine suspension, ibuprofen plus pseudoephedrine and chlorpheniramine suspension, ibuprofen chewable tablets, and concentrated ibuprofen drops; and the increased risk for endometrial cancer in women receiving estrogen therapy.

Ibuprofen Component of Advil Pediatric Products May Cause Allergic Reactions and GI Events

On April 4, the FDA approved safety labeling revisions for nonprescription pediatric products containing ibuprofen to warn of the potential risks for allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal (GI) adverse events associated with their use in children aged younger than 12 years.
The warnings apply to over-the-counter (OTC) products, such as ibuprofen plus pseudoephedrine 100-mg/15-mg per 5-mL suspension (Children's Advil Cold); ibuprofen plus pseudoephedrine and chlorpheniramine 100-mg/15-mg/1-mg per 5-mL suspension (Children's Advil Allergy Sinus); ibuprofen 50- and 100-mg chewable tablets (Children's Advil Chewables and Junior Strength Advil Chewables); and concentrated ibuprofen 50-mg/1.25-mL drops (Infant's Advil; all made by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare).
Ibuprofen-containing products should not be used right before or after heart surgery or in children who have ever had an allergic reaction to any other pain reliever/fever reducer.
As with other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), ibuprofen can cause a severe allergic reaction, especially in children allergic to aspirin. Symptoms may include hives, facial swelling, asthma/wheezing, shock, skin reddening, rash, and blisters. Caregivers should seek immediate medical attention for children who experience an allergic reaction to ibuprofen; no further doses should be administered.
Ibuprofen is also linked to a risk for stomach bleeding that can occur at any time. This risk may be increased in children who have a history of stomach ulcers or bleeding problems, are receiving anticoagulant or steroid therapy, are taking other NSAID-containing products, or receive treatment of longer than recommended periods.
Ibuprofen-containing OTC products should be administered with food or milk in the event of stomach upset. However, treatment should be discontinued and immediate medical attention sought for children who have symptoms of stomach bleeding, such as feeling faint, hematemesis, or bloody/tarry stools. Other symptoms requiring cessation of OTC treatment with NSAIDs and clinical evaluation include stomach pain/upset that persists or gets worse, redness/swelling in painful areas, and fever/pain that does not improve within 24 hours of initial dosing or worsens and lasts longer than 3 days.
Caregivers should consult a healthcare professional prior to administering OTC products containing ibuprofen to children with a history of serious problems/adverse events related to use of other pain relievers or fever reducers; stomach problems that persist or return, such as heartburn, upset stomach, or stomach pain; ulcers; bleeding problems; high blood pressure, heart, or kidney disease; are taking diuretic therapy; or who have not been drinking fluids or may have dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhea.
OTC ibuprofen-containing products should be given to children at the lowest effective therapeutic dose and for periods not exceeding 10 days unless directed by a clinician.
Products with a sore throat indication should not be used for more than 2 days or administered to children aged younger than 3 years, unless directed by a clinician. The FDA notes that severe or persistent sore throat or sore throat accompanied by high fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting may be serious and require prompt consultation with a healthcare professional.
These safety labeling changes previously were approved for ibuprofen 50-mg chewable tablets (Children's Motrin), ibuprofen 100-mg tablets and chewable tablets (Junior Strength Motrin), and ibuprofen 50-mg/1.25-mL oral suspension (Motrin Infants' Drops; all made by McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals).

Conjugated Estrogens (Premarin) Linked to Risks for Malignant Neoplasms

On April 24, the FDA approved revisions to the safety labeling for conjugated estrogen (CE) tablets (Premarin, made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc) to warn of the risk for endometrial cancer associated with their use.
Use of unopposed estrogens in women with intact uteri has been linked to a 2- to 12-fold increase in the risk for endometrial cancer compared with nonusers. The risk appears to be dose- and duration-dependent, with the greatest risk observed in patients treated for 5 to 10 years or more (15- to 24-fold) and persisting for at least 8 to 15 years after discontinuation of therapy.
Clinical monitoring is advised for women receiving CE therapy, and adequate diagnostic measures (including endometrial sampling when indicated) should be undertaken to rule out malignancy in all cases of undiagnosed persistent or recurring abnormal vaginal bleeding.
The FDA notes that adding a progestin to postmenopausal estrogen therapy has been shown to reduce the risk for endometrial hyperplasia, which may be a precursor to endometrial cancer.
CE tablets are indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms and symptoms of vulvar and vaginal atrophy associated with menopause; treatment of hypoestrogenism due to hypogonadism, castration, or primary ovarian failure; palliative treatment of breast cancer in select men and women with metastatic disease; palliative treatment of androgen-dependent prostate cancer; and the prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Job

Sunset Valley Farmers Market
We once again spent from 9:30 to 2 at the market working for food from our friends at Finca Pura Vida. Mmmmmm, Italian eggplant, Persian cucumbers, a squash, fresh beef bones and tongue for the dog, sirloin for Joe, curried egg salad & helado & Jim Jims for the kids, garlic & herb cheese spread, eggs and milk.

This is a big ole portulaca that Giselle & Paul 'got' for us from It's About Thyme.

Friday, August 18, 2006

flash back?

I just read all my old posts - two years has gone by quickly.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

dick nichols pool to be open year-round

This item was approved at the 6/22/06 city council meeting (item 57). I hope that they get it done quickly so that we can use it this winter!
Item Attachment

Friday, August 11, 2006

find out how YOUR organic milk rates!

All organic milk/dairy is NOT created equally! Look at this chart The Cornucopia Institute to see how the brand that you currently buy rates.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today was Marx Brothers Day on Turner Classic Movies

Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo - The Marx Brothers

Wearing Your Baby

Start Here to Learn Babywearing

Below is something I wrote 3 years ago (before Paul was Born):

It seems so natural that if a baby spent 9 months of it's life inside of you under constant movement and/or sound (except while you sleep) that they would be most comfortable under the same conditions when they are outside of the womb. After Giselle was born I carried her everywhere using either my arms, a sling or a front carrier and she never had an issue with any of it - it was just a continuation of being in the womb. She would fall asleep in the front carrier while I vacuumed or swept or did dishes (if she was in the sling I kept bonking her head w/ my elbow). The only thing I didn't do was wear her while mowing the lawn - then I stuck her in her swing. I also slung her very low as that way she got the most movement and the most stretching room. I was constantly told that I was wearing her too low but I would point out that she was hanging at the exact level that she had been in for 9 months and we were both comfortable with it.
While pregnant w/ Giselle I made a point of playing all of my favorite music really loud so that she would be very familiar with it when she came out and consequently it would be good for lulling her to sleep or keeping her stimulated (depending on the circumstances). We never had car seat issues and I think that part of it can be attributed to the fact that I was always playing 'oldies but goodies from the womb' on the car stereo. We also always have the stereo playing in the bedroom while she naps - that way any sudden noises don't disturb her. Most people with 2 kids notice that #2 can sleep through anything - because it's never quiet and they (the baby) are used to the noise.
Unfortunately, so many moms only use the vibrating musical bouncy chairs instead of a sling-type carrier thus missing out on all the perks that come with baby wearing. Not that the kids turn out bad or deprived or sickly, just that they did miss out on some additional mom/baby bonding.

An Analysis Of The Hours Of Daylight In A Day

While Austin has the same amount of daytime hours ANNUALLY as Cancun, NY City and Newport News, the hours are allotted differently DAILY (Sorry but when I did this last month I didn't include CA). Please see the attached data and graphs for a more detailed explanaition. The real answer is that on June 15, 2006 the sun will rise at 5:23 EST in NYC and at 5:45 EST in Mathews, VA and at 7:28 CST in Austin (8:28 EST) - a full 3 hours later! BUT sunset is an hour earlier in NYC/VA than here - but I'm usually putting the kids to bed in an artificially darkened room in the evening so I no longer have a true sense of when the sun sets here.

Remember, I used to be a number cruncher for a living.