Monday, January 09, 2017

Daily Search 1/9/2017

how do I find my iphone when it is dead

Guess why.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Daily Search

The first search of today is:
why isn't heb selling vital farms eggs anymore

The whole reason for the search is that there's a note in the cartons of the 4 dozen that I bought last night telling me that Vital Farms is changing the name of those eggs from Texas Chicken Ranch to Alfresco and that HEB will only be selling them at a few select stores and Central Markets.  Since I had already been to Vital Farms' website I ignored all of those hits and went with this one from the San Antonio Express News
I figured that since the article was from April of 2016 that it would be somewhat recent information.  All it told me was that HEB is working towards only selling cage-free eggs and that Vital Farms Chicken Ranch eggs are exactly that.  
So ultimately, with no explanation on Vital Farms' site and Google not giving me links to any true intel, I have no answers.

But I do have this infographic from Vital Farms' website that explains their eggs.