Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Daily Search Returns!

Today's Daily Search has to do with the fact that in 2 days all of the windows in our casa will be getting replaced.  So it should be easy to guess what my Google search is.
how do I prep for window replacement
And the results that I chose were:

1 -
 This had good information but not as much as I wanted.

2 -
 This one also had some good information, similar to the first but a little more detail in the areas I was looking for.

3 -
 This one was kind of lame - just basic common sense information - and told me less than I already had learned from the prior 2 sites.

 4 -
 So far, this has had the most general information and is organized in a nice 7-point list.

5 -
This one is targeted to the installer and is more about CYA than letting me know what to do ahead of time.  It had a tip to check out the Home Preparation Checklist used by Renewal by Andersen but that document is proving to be not easily found even 3 pages into the search.

Basically, they need 2 feet of work space in front of each window indoors and out so trim back bushes and move furniture.  They need access to power outlets so unblock those.  They need to easily get from their truck to your house & windows so clear your driveway.  You need to take down all interior and exterior wall hangings on the window walls (there will be banging and things might fall) and all window treatments - curtains and blinds.

Happy New Year!


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Thanks for a great article about the windows. It is really nice to read it.

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That's right. I agree with you:)