Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farmers Market

We're home from the market and now to once again deal with trying to find a place for all of this:
2 dozen eggs
5 lbs cucumbers
5 lbs pipian squash
10 lbs heirloom Kellogg's Breakfast tomatoes
1 - 10 lb watermelon
10 lbs orange California Wonder peppers
5 lbs pears
5 lbs Juliette tomatoes
10 large onions
1 gallon of milk
and half a case of 2nds of heirloom tomatoes

I'll be saucing and canning the 2nds tomatoes just like last week.  I'll probably roast and can the peppers like I did back in 2008 - they go great with the jalapeno cream cheese from Full Quiver Farms.  And I'm going to cut and freeze the cucumbers to use in my green juice over the winter. So none of that needs to go in the fridge.