Sunday, October 30, 2011

I hate Sprint Picture Mail!

OK, so Sprint Picture Mail totally blows chunks!  I just cleared all the pictures off of my SD card in my phone since I prefer to back them all up on the computer rather than leaving them on my phone.  Well, when I put the SD card back into my phone it synced up with Sprint and deleted most of those pictures out of my Sprint Picture Mail and now those pictures are deleted off of my blog!
I sure liked it a whole lot more when in the olden days of Blogger that all your pictures were saved to Blogger no matter where they posted from and then they were saved in a public or private (your choice) photo album in Picassa.  That way if you change phone services all your pictures aren't GONE!!!!
I'm a bit peeved at the moment about this, to say the least!!

BTW, all of my blog pictures that were posted NOT using Sprint Picture Mail are, in fact, still saved in my private Picassa photo albums.  But any and all pictures posted via Sprint Picture Mail are NOT saved on Picassa!

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