Sunday, April 17, 2011

Neighboring greenspace is on fire

1 PM:  The kids, dog, and I are hanging out in the creek at Barton Springs with some old friends and their kids.
3 PM:  We are all safe but our house is still in danger.

Everything at our place ended up just fine.  Joe spent the night back in the house but the kids, dog, and I spent the night in a local hotel until we were cleared to re-enter our neighborhood the next morning.

Here's Waylon enjoying the view from our hotel window. 

The view of the main burn area from the backyard of one of the burnt-down houses the next morning.

And a view of the burnt area from our house; it's the blackened hillside that you can see between the trees.  That's an Austin Fire Department fully-extended ladder/ hose sticking up there in the middle.

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