Thursday, September 16, 2010

first things first

Yesterday we left the house at 9:30 am and didn't get back home again until 8!
First we drove 13 miles to a La Leche League Meeting at 10, then we high-tailed it back South to pick up lunch from Sonic and get the kids to PE by 12:50.  Then I popped to the library (practically next door to the PE park) and did some returns and checked out 2 books on hold and 2 more from off the shelf.  i had forgotten my errand list at home so I called Joe (who happened to be at home) and copied it down on some paper I had in the car.  Then I drove to Walmart to pick up a rubber tray to keep under the dog's indoor water bowl, then I went to Barnes & Nobles to get some school books for Giselle and renew my Educator's Discount card.  After dropping the books off in the car I went next door to Michael's to get aprons for the group I'm in who'll be serving Wednesday night dinner in 2 weeks.  I also got the paint to decorate them with and some more glowy sitcks. 
They're $1 for a container of 15 bracelets so I have to restock with 5 containers every time I go in there.  You can never have too many glowy sitcks, I always say.  And good thing too since of the 3 containers of glowy sticks that I brought on our camp out, almost one entire container was all duds!  Good thing I brought 3 instead of just 2 like I was going to do at first.
After leaving Machael's I had to drive across town another 10 miles to the Boy Scouts Store to get Paul's uniform that he needed for tonight even though he was going to be at soccer practice not at scouts.  I realized today while ironing on the required patches that one the patches they gave me was wrong.  Joe has gallantly offered to go and change it out for me.  Then I scooted back South and went to Thomlinson's Pet Food store to get, what else, dog food.  One of the 2 brands that we use was on super sale so I had to buy extra (they aren't going to carry it any more so I had to buy the last of their stock for 25% off regular price).  With the time creeping up on 3:30 I got to Sam's Club and bought 4 cases of 1-liter bottles of Ozarka for Joe, then headed back to the park to meet up with the other moms and kids after PE ended at 4.  We hung out at the park until 5:30 when it was time to leave for dinner at church followed by kids' choir and general hanging out until 8 pm.
Waylon was very glad to see us when we got home!

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