Monday, January 04, 2010


Well, the invitation has been sent so it's time to make room for more Playmobil and Lego sets.
I'll make 6 dozen cookies to take to PE on the real birthday, another 6 dozen to take to dinner at church that night, and then the cake(?) for the party. I'm thinking cupcakes though because they're easier to serve but it's more fun for me to decorate a cake. I'll have to pour through my cookie recipes to find several that will decorate easily. I might really NEED to buy some flour this time around, instead of THINKING that I need to - I've actually used up all those packages that I kept buying every time.
Oh, and I can't forget to get to buy hot chocolate mix. I know, gross and lazy. But I've got to make enough for 13 active boys and that's the easiest way to make bulk. Wait, no it's not. It'd take just as long to boil water as it would to heat the milk and melt the chocolate. That's it, no fake hot chocolate for THIS birthday party! Assuming 2 cups per kid makes 26 cups of hot chocolate, times 8 oz per cup equals ... 208 oz ... 2 gallons of milk should do it just fine and I just so happen to have a 2 gallon Thermos beverage container.
I'll need some mini marshmallows to go with it, either that or some cans of whipped cream. Oh, I see a food fight in my future if I get the whipped cream so that's out. Do I get the old fashioned paper cups with the fold-out handles or just get the plastic cups and let the kids burn their hands?
Decisions, decisions!

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