Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We got 4 foot by 2 foot drip pans to contain the dog's drips while she sleeps. They work well!
Paul got a giant Playmobil pirate ship for his birthday today. I haven't finished building it yet.
Only 14 cookies remain of the 91 baked this afternoon.
I lit 36 snake fireworks in the church parking lot after dinner tonight to the delight of a half-dozen small boys and girls.
Everyone at dinner at church tonight sang "Happy Birthday" to Paul after the opening prayer.

Paul woke up this morning and said that he had just had the greatest dream. He said he dreamed that he got a giant hug from everyone and that was the greatest gift that he could ask for. What an awesome kid! So Giselle climbed over me and gave him a giant hug. Another awesome kid!

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